Kate Shaw School of Highland Dance


The Kate E. Shaw School of Highland Dance holds lessons twice a week for ages 3 and up.

For more information such as dates, location and class fees, please send an email to: kshawhighlanddance@gmail.com

2014 - 2015 Class Sessions

Session 1: September 4 to December 11

Session 2: January 5 to March 17

Session 3: April 7 to May 28

Dress Code for Dancers

Dress code is important in class so that the teachers can see bodylines and muscle engagement for development of good posture, muscle control and muscle development.

Please come to class prepared as follows:

  • Dancers are required to wear shorts, t-shirts, knee high socks and dance shoes.
  • Water is important. Please bring a labled water bottle.
  • A notebook and pen to take notes would be appreciated.
  • Hair tied back so it is off the face.
  • Beginner and up classes require a practice skirt for national dance.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Practice! Practice! Practice! Check out this great video...