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 Black slim jacket from tartan town  10 $150Betty: 
 Dance shoes. 11 $20 Jen: jenglowa@gmail.com
 Burgandy National skirt, shawl, Burgandy vest.  6-8 $60 Jen: jenglowa@gmail.com
 Purple National Vest fits 10-11 year old 12 $20 Lisa: lkeech@shaw.ca
 Purple National Vest, fits 9-10 year old 10 $20 Lisa: lkeech@shaw.ca
 Highland Socks, for purple or wine colored tartan.  6-7 $50 Lisa: lkeech@shaw.ca
 Pink Baby Kilt  $60 Chris: kshawhighlanddance@gmail.com
 Sport Bra Dickies (x2) 14-16 $10 Chris: kshawhighlanddance@gmail.com
 Blue National Vest 6 $50 Carol-Ann: mcfoyle@shaw.ca
 Black National Vest 8-10 $60 Carol-Ann: mcfoyle@shaw.ca
 Highland Jacket 12 $85 Carol-Ann: mcfoyle@shaw.ca
 National, Complete set with full white dress that can be worn under or on it's own with underskirt. 6/7-10 $100 Erica Charette: thecharettefamily@hotmail.com



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New & Used Highland Dance Wear Links

Highland Island: http://www.highlandisland.com/index.php?main_page=index

Linda's Kilts & Consignments: http://www.freewebs.com/lindaskilts/ 

Marg's Highland Dance Wear Inc.: http://www.margshighlanddancewear.com/product.htm 

McAleer Highland Gear (located in South Slocan): http://mcaleerhighlandgear.com/

Tartantown Ltd.: http://www.tartantown.com/

Ad Submissions

To submit an ad, please send an email to Jen at: jenglowa@gmail.com

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                  “Airson gaol air dannsa”...

                                ..."For the love of dance"